Cover Art : Der Orchideen Garten [The Garden of Orchids]
Publisher/Editor : Karl Hans Strobl : Munich, Germany
Issue Seven, 1919

"Perhaps the most deserving claimant to the title of the world’s first fantasy magazine is Der Orchideen Garten (The Orchid Garden), published and edited by Karl Hans Strobl in Munich.  This ran for 51 issues between April 1919 and May 1921 and featured a beautiful array of artwork, together with work by a wide range of writers, with most of the fiction being reprinted.  It contained little by way of Science Fiction, but much fantastic and surreal fiction, which was popular in Europe at that time.
   Despite all this interest in science fiction and fantastic adventure in Britain and elsewhere in Europe, the catalyst to unite this into a single publication did not happen there but in the United States…  [long segue way into discussion of the American publication Weird Tales, the publication of which commenced in 1923].” 

—  Michael Ashley : The History of The Science Fiction Magazine, Vol. 1

Been here long enough now : I’m fighting the effect
Through many sunsets, dancing bones, gargling architects
A night that’s old, a floor that’s floating
I’d like to make a bet
That you will drag me to your room
My bloody bride
And get me bleeding for the pill
The precious pill — So switch it off now
Switch it off now, and let me sleep
Switch it off now; I’m sick of counting sheep
Switch it off now … I’m down here on my knees, saying please

The needle is a lady, and a lady needs respect
With trembling hands, she feels uneasy, she’s liable to fret
And then to punish; then to tease
She’d strip you, shoot you in the knees
But she will never ever leave
Switch it off now; let me sleep
Switch it off now; I said I’m sick of counting sheep
Switch it off now : I’m down here on my knees 
I’m saying please
Please … 


The Tear Garden : To Mourn The Death Of Colour 
Crystal Mass, 2000

Alexander Wolf
Photo: Elizaveta Porodina
Hairpiece: Sigi Kumpfmüller
Grooming and Styling:  Heiko Palach 
From The Editorial Crazy Horse for Vision magazine, 2013

Model : Jester
Hair : Kota Suizu
MUA : Miyuki Ishizuka
Photographer : Piczo 
Stylist : Mervyn Boriwondo 
Photographer’s assistant : Masami Naruo

From The Editorial Into The Dark for Hysteria Magazine : Issue 2, 2012

“[My art] starts with Ludwig the Second of Bavaria meeting Woolworths and Barnum and Bailey over dinner with Louis the 14th in drag [;] then it just spirals out from there.  I’m constructing a new mythology from the shards of the universe.”

Steven Arnold

Untitled : Barbara Kruger