“[My art] starts with Ludwig the Second of Bavaria meeting Woolworths and Barnum and Bailey over dinner with Louis the 14th in drag [;] then it just spirals out from there.  I’m constructing a new mythology from the shards of the universe.”

Steven Arnold

Untitled : Barbara Kruger

For it is Friday, and I am Flashin’ Back …
[Massive thanks for the post, Kirk Hilton!] 

— Clint CatalystCottonmouth Kisses 
     Manic D Press 

Photo : Peter Ashworth
Make-Up / Hair : Christian Landon
For Stefan Orschel-Read's Mourning for Orlando Collection, A/W 2009 

Photo : Falk Jensen



Excessive Ornamentation :
Custom Gloves by James Todorov of Swallow Glitter, 2010

"Woulds’t Thou Learn Thy Future?"
The Nelros Cup of Fortune :  John Aynsley, circa 1930s - 1940s