"Woulds’t Thou Learn Thy Future?"
The Nelros Cup of Fortune :  John Aynsley, circa 1930s - 1940s

It is the path of sin that compels our fate
And leaves us drowning like the garden
Is it surrender that confuses us
If not exsistence then departing
Is it the ancient soul that crouches low
That through the day can never find us
In our stealing glances we appear
Leaving reflections just behind us
The tender hallowed ground still holds us
And whisper silence to our ears
These frightened winds have always blown us
Now only glisten holds us here … 

Mephisto Walz : Drowning, Like The Garden 
The Eternal Deep, 1994

Honey Throat
Dir : John Christopher, 1980

Come! Let us champion the thinly-veiled double entendre with a hefty dose of Honey, You’ve-Gotta-Be-Puttin’-Me-On …  

Honey Throat stars the greatest luminaries in a glittering array of sex stars: John Holmes, Serena, Samantha Fox (Best Erotic Actress award) and Eric Edwards. Honey Throat finally delivers what so many others have just promised. In scene after excruciatingly erotic scene, these talented performers use their eroticism to stimulate each other to the heights of exquisite pleasure and to bring the audience to undreamed of visual and emotional satisfaction. Nothing satisfies like the feel of Honey Throat!”

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Video Still : Rise : Kap Bambino, 2011

Love when the past creeps on my dash and collides with this, my blue screen life. Swirling in nostalgia steeped in sepia and besos blacker-than-pitch … Thanks for helping me survive adolescence in the chokehold of the Bible belt, Jodi and Mymsie Dearest 

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Jodi Spradley and Maendi a.k.a Amanda Brooks
Photo by Crazy James, circa 1988

Giuseppina Magazine: Issue 21 ‘Acceptance’ — Cover editorial featuring Clint Catalyst alongside models Darenzia and Johnny Raymond. Photographed by Dirk Mai. Makeup artistry by Shandra Jade and hair styling by Irene UriasHairroin Salon.

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Still Frame : Lara Parker as Angelique Collins
In Night of Dark Shadows : Dir. Dan Curtis, 1971 


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