Video Still : Rise : Kap Bambino, 2011

Love when the past creeps on my dash and collides with this, my blue screen life. Swirling in nostalgia steeped in sepia and besos blacker-than-pitch … Thanks for helping me survive adolescence in the chokehold of the Bible belt, Jodi and Mymsie Dearest 

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Jodi Spradley and Maendi a.k.a Amanda Brooks
Photo by Crazy James, circa 1988

Giuseppina Magazine: Issue 21 ‘Acceptance’ — Cover editorial featuring Clint Catalyst alongside models Darenzia and Johnny Raymond. Photographed by Dirk Mai. Makeup artistry by Shandra Jade and hair styling by Irene UriasHairroin Salon.

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Still Frame : Lara Parker as Angelique Collins
In Night of Dark Shadows : Dir. Dan Curtis, 1971 


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Still Frame : Pazuzu : The Exorcist
Dir. William Friedkin, 1973

Animated Glitch GIF : Marianne Faithfull as Lilith
Lucifer Rising : Dir. Kenneth Anger,1972

The Death Card : Dalí Universal Tarot Deck