For ‘The Kids’ — Every One Of You

Rather than insult your intelligence with clichés about how much easier
it [ allegedly ] gets,
I’ll say this :

It gets different. You get different.

And maybe — just maybe —
if you stick around longer than anyone wants you to,
or is expected,

You’ll make a difference.

Regardless, know that even if you don’t feel that you are, or
that you deserve to be,

You Are Loved.

[ text from the art, above ] :

“ … One day families will give false information to their children
and each child will pass that information down generationally to their families
and that information will be designed to make existence intolerable for this kid.

One day this kid will begin to experience all this activity in his environment
and that activity and information will compel him to commit suicide
or submit to danger in hopes of being murdered
or submit to silence and invisibility.

Or one day this kid will talk.

When he begins to talk,
men who develop a fear of this kid will attempt to silence him
with strangling, fists, prison, suffocation, rape, intimidation, drugging, ropes, guns, laws, manace, roving gangs, bottles, knives, religion, decapitation, and immolation by fire.

Doctors will pronounce this kid curable, as if his brain were a virus.

This kid will lose his constitutional rights against the government’s invasion of his privacy.

This kid will be faced with electro-shock, drugs, and conditioning therapies in laboratories tended by psychologists and research scientists. He will be subject to loss of home, civil rights, jobs, and all conceivable freedoms.

All of this will begin to happen in one or two years, when he discovers he desires to place his naked body on the naked body of another man. ”

Untitled (One day this kid …) : David Wojnarowicz

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    For ‘The Kids’ — Every One Of You Rather than insult your intelligence with clichés about how much easier it [ allegedly...
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