Painting from Regina Parra's Mise-en-scène Series

‟Technological evolution shifts us from the analog to the digital at an ever-increasing rate, and nowhere is that more evident than the worlds of photography and cinema. High-definition digital cameras have replaced film cameras, ensuring image quality and resolution that was unimaginable a few years earlier. However, a major byproduct of the increasing speed of technological evolution is the nostalgia of revisiting past aesthetics. The contemporary resurgence of enthusiasm for Lomography is but one example. Instagram’s emulation of Polaroids is another.

Kon Trubkovich and Regina Parra revisit the dusty, blurry aesthetic of old film by using watercolor painting to render low-resolution video images. For their series Mise-en-scène, Parra picked security camera recordings of scenes of a young long, blond-haired woman involved in daily-life situations—withdrawing money from an ATM, getting out of a car at a parking lot, or waiting to cross the street—and rendered them as the cloudy, glitchy images you see here. The end product is an augmentation of the same story. Far from the mundane motions of a daily routine, the subject seems spooked as though the fuzziness of the images actually permeates her view of the world.”

[ Source : Erica Gonsales : The Creators Project  ]

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