Photo : Tom Scheirlitz, for
STOP Magazine : Issue Three

“When you think about fashion in 1990-91, you probably think of the Vogue, Gianni Versace, Steven Meisel and the Supers. On the flip side were the independents like Paper, Project X, and Annie Flanders’ Details. STOP was surely a contemporary of these magazines — they were probably friends, partying together at Limelight — but STOP was different. STOP was Walter Cessna's baby. SPIN called it “an anti-fashion, pro-style, eco-conscious magazine that’s more concerned about garbage than Gaultier,” and Walter declared that “STOP looks ahead and sees that fashion can no longer not be political.” [ Cessna ] was critical of fashion’s overt racism and blatant hypocrisies, decreeing Conde Nast as Cunty Nasty. Fashion and comedy collided in editorials like Afropros & Cons, How To Be a Trendy Dresser, and Toilet Paper Couture.” — V Files

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