Flyer : Archived by Jake / StillUnusual

Photo : Graham Smith 
Blitz Club Beauties Myra and Michelle Clapton
Modeling for Stephen Linard's Neo-Gothic Collection
Central St. Martin’s College of Arts and Design : June 1980

Advert : Smash Hits magazine
Volume 39 : May 1980

Still : Beyond Evil : Herb Freed

Cruel When Complete : Dome

" Pretty around the mouth
  The whispers grow into a silent shout
  Movement by the hound
  The one-armed man walks on the man-made sand
  The grey lights slide
  The continental colours glamour glide
  Travels with hatted men
  Apple mountains mark the journey’s end
  Cruel when complete
  Beauty is an isle where both shores meet… “

Still : Breaking Glass

Still : Breaking Glass

‟ … nothing but a void, forever night. ”

Boy Catalog : First Edition : 1980

Scans : Patrick, a.k.a. Boiled Mouse