Self-Portrait : Austin Osman Spare, 1907
"I’m almost a ghost myself. However, the bones go last … “

Spiritual Experience / Experiencing Spirits
  “Oh, don’t mind us : just passing through … “

Still : Beyond Evil : Herb Freed

From The Collection of Michel Arvoli

Shrine Newby Church : North Yorkshire
Phantom [Allegedly] Caught On Film, 1960s

Spectre : Dark 3D : US Historians

The Ghost of Kohada Koheiji : Hokusai, 1830

Kohada Koheiji was a painter who was killed by his wife and her lover. The popular writer Santô Kyoden (also known as the ukiyo-e artist Kitao Masanobu) developed the Koheiji story further in his novels, Kohada Koheiji and Fukushû Kidan Asaka-numa (Bizarre Tale of Revenge at Asoko Marsh).  As vengeance, Koheiji returns to haunt the murderous couple while they are in bed together inside mosquito netting.

[ Dream Spectres — Extreme Ukiyo-e: Sex, Blood and the Supernatural : Jack Hunter ] 


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