Untitled : Fumie Sasabuchi
Mixed Media [Ball Pen on Fashion Magazine], 2003

Honored — and humbled — at an early birthday present from my beloved Zoetica Ebb : Fumie Sasabuchi's monograph [Bernhart SchwenkVerlag Fur Moderne Kunst].  

5,157 miles away, yet the first gift I received this year… I love you to distraction, Zo!  ♥

Missing Zo ♥
Somethin’ like WOAH … 

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Zoetica Ebb : self-portrait taken after our butoh performance at Salt Lake City's Dark Arts Festival , Alumni Installment : 2010

Flare//Glare : That Cute Lil’ Cosmonomad Zoetica Ebb 
Photograph : Lou O’Bedlam 

Ethereal & Exquisite 

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‟When you ride in LA, you ride with Lynch.”

One of my favorite images / events, circa 2011

Rich RoyalZoetica Ebb and Truly, Yours Truly : Club △ Ꝉ ☾ Ħ ƹ ṃ ¥

Photo : Brian Landes of RAF
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Realness, This Is Not

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" Eyes Wide Shut with Clint Catalyst at Kit Scarbo and Kat Turner’s pre-NYE partahh last night. “

Zoetica :

“ Now, with Clint Catalyst .”

Thee Beloved Sita Says Said :

“ My gorgeous friend Clint with his foot in his mouth. ”

Well, despite my propensity for taking idioms a bit too … literally,
In this instance ?   Total YSL Worship , via Vamp Lorraine

Induced Epidemics’ was the tits — when’s your next event, Haute Macabre ?

[ Photo Credit : Zoetica Ebb ]

Vamp Lorraine, Clint Catalyst

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” This is IT. The home stretch, the final 4 days of the fist D4RT Kickstarter. If you were planning on backing/blogging/tweeting/Facebooking/can-and-stringing this, the time is now. Here is a direct link to the Kickstarter page. Please help bring art and supplies to a Cambodian orphanage in 2012 by getting the word out ♥ “

D a a a a n g — You guys are turbo-charged !
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“On Chinashop :
Hollywood Becomes3l3ctric At The Disaro Records Resurrection

Thank you ; thanks, all ; thanks !

Now I want a Pop-Tart. S’Mores flavored. Maybe two of ‘em, even…

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