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Volume 39 : May 1980

High School Yearbook : Golden, Colorado

‘ Home of the Demons ’


On the ‘nostalgia’ tip, previous post :

What I miss the most
Is the person at whom I — or rather, we [besos, Tina darlin’!] —
Were staring …

I love you, Nick

And yeah, the adage is true :
I’ll admit ; I admit

Drugs kill the most precious things on earth.

For those of you in ‘The Life’,
out of ‘The Life’,
out of my life,
or no longer alive :

You’re in my heart and in my art.

[ Got nothin’ but love for you ]

(Source: beautynursedondarkness)

" Seven Footprints to Satan " : Lawrence Stern Stevens

Fantastic Novels, 1949