Woven Sculpture : Jim Skull

Detail : Kim Seong Su sculpture
Seung Mo Park, 2010

Detail : Sculpture by Jim Skull

New Camera : Photosculpture by David Meanix

Captian Kalopsia the Flagitious Feline : Elizabeth McGrath

Untitled : Lydia Kenselaar

I’m pleased to announce the release of Incurable Disorder : The Art of Elizabeth McGrath [ Last Gasp ], the second full-length monograph of this visionary artist’s works, including dioramas, mixed media paintings and three-dimensional sculptures produced from 2005 to 2012.

In addition to over 200 color images, the book includes introductory essays by filmmaker/producer Morgan Spurlock, McGrath’s art dealer Alix Sloan, and the artist herself. 

Regarding the creative process of the “damaged anthropomorphized animals who would rather bite than be healed,” McGrath explains “The conception of these brainchildren is hard to pinpoint. They stem from the emotional encounters I have with humans, landscapes and objects, and are further shaped by the constant stream of words and images that survive my mind’s filter.  Once I have the skeleton of an idea, the rest comes automatically, but staying on task through the many hours it takes to complete one of these works requires a heavy dose of news radio, stories, and audio books. For instance, the chapter titled ‘Altarwise by Owl Light” started with a Dylan Thomas poem but grew during “The Mists of Avalon” by Marion Zimmer Bradley … “

She continues, “When I see the finished pieces it takes me back to the story or vice-versa, like memories from a vacation.” 

As aforementioned, the tome is divided into sections : each paired with a passage from a poem or literary work that functions as a companion piece.  Among these six segments, I’m honored that my poem “Dead Letters ; Twenty-Six Are" is linked with Incurable Disorder — the title chapter, so to speak.

To view more of Miss McGrath’s incandescent artistry, links to video footage, photographic evidence of her fashion endeavors [ a collaborative effort with B.F.F. Winter Rosebudd Mullender, who contributed an endearing If-Only-You’d-Been-There epilogue to the tome, as well ] and/or exhaustive details regarding the verse form in which my contribution to the book was written, PLEASE CLICK HERE.  

Telephone 8 : Shannon Goff : 2005
Glazed vitreous china 30” x 11” x 18” 

"You don’t have to answer me
 You don’t have to call me back
 Your Phone’s Off The Hook, But You’re Not … “